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Leads Now Available in California


Movers in California Can Still Win the Business the Best Potential Customers with Direct Mail!

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) regulates businesses’ use of consumer data and took effect on January 1, 2020. If you are buying sales leads, you should make sure that all of your lead providers are complying with the law.

Homeowner names and addresses cannot be sold until a homeowner has been contacted and given time to opt out, so certain leads could be delayed by up to 45 days. If your lead provider is breaking the rules, you could face fines and penalties. Find out more about CCPA here.

Our CCPA-compliant solution is quite simple: we can mail postcards on your behalf as soon as a home is listed so long as we do not sell the personal information (homeowner name and addresses) directly to you.

Your postcards will still reach the homeowner at the right time to win their business.

Download a PDF about our services.
We print and mail your postcards for you the same day leads are available.
On demand printing
Quality stock: Full color on both sides, 16pt, and UV coated on 1 side.
Printed & addressed with homeowner name.
Mailed automatically every day.
First class postage for quick delivery.
Daily .xls spreadsheet of the public data and quantity of postcards mailed.
In order to be CCPA compliant, our service does not sell private data (homeowner name and street address).
$1.24 Large
$1.14 Medium
$.89 Small