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It’s the most precise system to target homeowners who are on-the-move with online advertising. We’ve worked hard to make sure your marketing hits the target every single time.

Welcome to advertising that’s designed to bring you the best sales returns possible.


  1. Pick your SmartAds campaign size.
  2. Provide the artwork for up to 7 ad sizes that will run in your campaign
    (You can also work with our designers at a rate of $75/hour).
  3. Provide payment to activate your campaign (Setup and Media fees).
  4. Kick-off phone call with our team to get your campaign details in place.


Below you’ll find a list of the ad sizes available for our SmartAds Campaigns. We recommend that our clients work with their marketing people to create eye-catching ads that are more likely to get conversions.

Don’t have ads of your own or the capacity to create ads? We can provide a designer to assist you for an additional fee of $75/hour. Please contact us to find out more about this service.

Want to know key tricks and tactics for great online ad design?
Here are a few resources you can check out:


Every ad for a campaign can have up to 7 sizes to maximize ad placement and coverage. Each size will likely need design modifications to fit the space available.

Internet marketing sizes 750px

Interested in Video or Flash ads instead of static image? No problem. Let us know what type of campaign you want and we’ll get an estimate to you.


We want to give our clients the best chance for success. That’s why SmartAds provides ad optimization assistance and maintenance.

What does that mean? We’ll help you identify great ads as well as any poor performers. We’ll integrate your ad campaigns into Google Analytics. That way you will always have access to quality reports and metrics to measure the success of your ads. Additionally, every SmartAds customer has a kick-off meeting with our team to learn about your company and goals. That way, we are better positioned understand your brand and help you achieve your goals.

Google analytics report 700px

Want to learn more about SmartAds and how highly targeted ads can boost your business?

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