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How does Internet advertising work?

That’s actually a pretty long answer. See The Basics of Internet Advertising page for an in-depth look at Internet advertising that will help you understand what’s what with online ads.

What makes SmartAds so much better than regular online ads?

The beauty of SmartAds is that they take the precision of direct mail with an amazing leads list and give you that same pin-point accuracy online. That way, you ONLY target the most ideal customers. That saves money and increases your ROI!

How much does SmartAds cost?

We offer a range of pricing depending on the size of your ad campaign. The minimum campaign size reaches 10,000 homeowners with a total of 200,000 impressions. It costs $1,750 per month + one-time setup fees. See our Pricing page for more details.

What ad artwork is required?

The most commonly used SmartAds (and the most affordable) are static image ads. For these you will need to provide ads in the standard static IAB ad unit formats. See our Ad Formats section for more details.

Can you help me with advertising design?

Good design is important for your ads. However, Ad design isn’t an included service. If you don’t have your own ads ready, we can provide a designer for $75/hour.

Want to do ads that are flash, pop-up, or video based? SmartAds can do those too. Contact us directly for pricing and ad requirements.

Tell me more about how SmartAds work.

We start by selecting at least 20,000 homeowners in your area who are selling their houses from our leads list. That list is then matched up against Internet advertising cookies for the purpose of ads. Approximately 50% of the addresses will match to those cookies – these are your ideal targets.

We will show 20 impressions of your ad to each of these homeowners over a month. Then, consumers who click on your ads will be taken to the webpage of your choice. Easy!

What else is required before we can start?

There are a 4 steps to setup your SmartAds account:

  1. Pick your campaign size.
  2. Provide the artwork for up to 7 ad sizes that will run in your campaign (You can also work with our designers at a rate of $75/hour).
  3. Provide payment to activate your campaign (including Setup and Media fees).
  4. Kick-off phone call with our team to get your campaign details in place.

What reports do you provide?

Our click-through report includes data on ad cost per click, cost per conversion, bounce rate, etc. We will also integrate with your Google Analytics (or other analytics package) to get you well rounded metrics for your campaign. See our Metrics & Support section for more detail.

Can you also manage our site retargeting campaigns?

Yes! We will be happy to prepare a separate proposal for retargeting/remarketing campaigns. Whether you use our service or another, we strongly recommend our customers take advantage of retargeting for their online marketing campaigns.


We're here to help. Please give us a call if you have any questions or are interested in learning more about SmartAds and highly targeted online advertising.

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