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Get Smart with Call Tracking - Know If Ads Are Failing

March 25, 2014


Are you throwing away money on your offline advertising? Probably…

We have a couple of simple tracking techniques that will help you figure out where you stand with offline marketing but first, let’s look at Progressive Insurance.  (Trust me. It will all make sense in a minute.)
In 1994 Progressive insurance launched “1-80
0-AUTO-PRO,” an insurance rate comparison service and in so doing, they helped customers to identify the best deal. True, sometimes they lost customers but their approach gained them a lot of fresh business. Why? Clarity. 

The bottom line was crystal clear - they put costs front and center for customers.

progressive ad campaign


Clarity in costs can make or break your business 

Unlike car insurance, it can be hard to identify the hard costs in marketing (especially offline). Most companies use multiple advertising tactics like mailers, referrals, websites, online ads, newspaper ads, vehicle art, etc. So, trying to track these impacts can seem like an exercise in futility. 
Are you tossing good money after bad? Are you under-utilizing a killer strategy that brings in more business? These are very important questions. Now, you may think you have your finger on the pulse of your marketing, but here’s the kicker: perception and gut intuition often don’t match up to realty.


Back up your assumptions with real numbers

That’s why it’s nice to have good-old-reliable statistics to pull from. For example, we have had a few customers come to us saying they aren't seeing results with their automated postcard mailers. However, when we pull up the web-based report from their CallTrack account and walk them through it, we can show clearly that they’re getting measurable results.

What happens next is up to them: they can increase their campaign or cut back, but they’re empowered with info on the value of their marketing in-the-moment.

Implement Your Own Call Tracking System. 

Create a way to identify which ads and campaigns are generating business. 

Call Tracking is an amazing tool! And, here’s the’s not that hard to do. It can be as basic as asking people where they saw your phone number and noting the answers. Remember, you have to ask consistently to get a reasonable sense for impacts.


Even Better: Automated Call Tracking

A much more reliable solution is to set up multiple phone numbers and use these unique phone numbers with different marketing campaigns. That way you can test them against each other.
By organizing your advertising into tracking groups, you can actually see what marketing is making your phone ring and which are bottomless pits from which no sales ever seem to rise.  You can even test similar ads against each other and see in real-time if changing things like colors or headlines alter response rates.

We have seen great results by running two CALLTRACK lines at a time to A/B test marketing campaigns. It's amazing how powerful changing a few words in your headline or call to action can be! With CALLTRACK we immediately see what works and can adjust to maximize those results. 

Remember, you don’t have to use our CALLTRACK system (though it is free for the first 3 months); you can create your own or find another service provider.

Just make sure you add caller tracking to your marketing!

With a solid call tracking system in place you can create greater transparency. Get crystal clear about what's working for your business so you can make better decisions with your cash and resources. 

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